How to use the Akash to free yourself from Drama and to rediscover Happiness

How would it feel to live a life without Drama? To be able to fully experience and enjoy the beauty and happiness that is in your life, without always looking around the corner, expecting something to go wrong? To be able to fully extract yourself from the beliefs like ‘Bad luck comes in threes’ etc?  To be able to live in the present without being affected by the past or the future? Well read on, because I am about to show you just how possible this really is!

What if i told you that we have the power to control what energies we remember from our past lives?

What if i told you that we can command our Akash to forget about all those lifetimes when we experienced war, poverty, death, horror and lack?

How would it make you feel to know that we no longer have to constantly repeat the trauma of our past lives?

Our Akash has been with us through all our lifetimes and holds the memories, and as such the energies, of all of the lives.

Why you ask does the past effect what happens in this life? Our Akash holds on to these memories, all of the trauma and so also brings forward the energies of those life times. The Law of Attraction says that what we give out we get back, so if we are giving out the energy of war, famine, lack and horror we will receive these back to some lesser or greater extent.

Why do we bring forward only the bad? This is because the energies created in those life times, in those traumatic experiences when you watched family members and loved ones killed in war or when you watched them die because there was not enough to eat, The times when you were killed or maimed or silenced in other ways for speaking your truth, these energies are the strongest. they had the biggest impact on you.

Each time you are born your Akash pulls these energies through with you and so you repeat them again in this lifetime.

 Now for the good news, as old souls. we can change all of this. We can now command our Akash to only remember the Joy, Happiness, Beauty and Wonder of life. We can tell our Akash and our Akash will realise that, in the new energies in which all is possible, we are in control.

Below is an interpretation of the command given by Kryon in March 2018. This command has the potential to do all that is commanded, however how much it does is dependent on your blocks and restrictions that you have stopping it from fully integrating. Please contact me to arrange a healing session to begin removing these blocks.

Say this command out loud or to yourself. it really doesn’t matter. You can say it again as many times you like. It will work the first time, but again depending on your blocks and restriction, you may need to say it a few times.

This is a powerful command. It is possible now to instruct and command the Akash due to the new energies that now encompass our planet. These powerful New Energies make anything possible. We have never been able to do this before.

Be Aware that you may experience shivers or energy flowing through you, you may feel hot or cold, this is all perfectly normal because as already stated this is the most powerful command we can give ourselves at this time.

Akash Command

Dear Akash, beautiful Akash that represents me and my soul in so many expressions, in this new energy I am in command.

Dear Akash, look at the Energy of today because I am in charge.

Dear Akash, KNOW THIS. There is to be change and I am going to dictate it. There is going to be change because I am in charge, I am in charge of me and for the first time I want you to listen up!

I command benevolence in remembrance. I command that my Akash start to alter that that has been remembered lifetime after lifetime after life time and I put a limiter on the Drama!

Drama is not allowed to invade the Light of my Life. I put a limitation on all of the drama, the negative things, all of the anger and the betrayal and the horror. I put a limiter on the negativity. I command that the negativity that is in my Akash and has been there be gone. There is no reason for it to be there because I am in charge of it all.


Dear Akash, beautiful and benevolent Akash, let all of the beauty, and the joy, and the wisdom that has accrued in all my lifetimes, start to present itself in ways that will surprise me and make me smile. Surprise me with good things, with benevolent things in expectations. Let my Akashic Records be the best thing that has ever happened to me and let my life reflect this day and this decision.

Let all things that have accrued in my life, in the past energy to this moment, be on notice that the memory in by brain, in the very synapses, be on notice to cease and desist those things that would be below my magnificence as a creature of this planet of God. You are not allowed to keep playing the tapes of betrayal, sorrow, bad feelings, anger, the human nature that is a low energy human nature. Cease and desist all of the things that are currently there. I am in charge even of my memory. For every single cell resounds with my higher self. I am part of this in a way that i never was before. I am in charge of all things and I do not have to carry those things any more that I have carried since birth.


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