GET confident workshops 2020


Book Now – Sunday March 8th 2020 10am-4pm

Are you ready to make 2020 your year?

This is the perfect time to put in place changes to see you successful in 2020.

In this workshop you will learn empowerment techniques to help you move forward.

Self Love techniques to enable you to create the situations you want to be in and how to say NO to what you don’t want.

Hints and tips to increase your confidence.

We will also look at your self limiting beliefs and how to change them.

Here is what people had to say about Kathys workshops:

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.
I went with some apprehension as I don’t like opening myself up to strangers.
Kathy made the three of us very welcome and ensured us of the confidentiality needed for such a course, which was reassuring.
The exercises that we did were very well thought out to make sure that we felt that we were back as the unloved child.
The exercises we did brought out fears and feelings that had been hidden for, in my case, 63 years.
The lightness of spirit that I now feel is amazing, and I can get past my own feelings and begin to start to understand why the people concerned acted the way they did. I don’t condone it, but am beginning to realise the possible reasons for it, but also how it has affected my perception of myself.

I can now think of these people without the sharp intake of breath, and the fight or flight type of feeling I used to get when I remembered them.

For all these years I have thought ‘I am an adult, I can cope’, but what a fight it has been! If only I had had the chance of a course like this many years ago , I may have made many wiser decisions and been proud of myself.

Many thanks to Kathy for facilitating my release from the false perception of myself that I have carried around for so long.’

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