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Get Confident In 2020

I attended Kathy’s get confident in 2020.

Be prepared to take a very deep look at yourself and answer some very tricky questions which help Kathy.

I felt very calm after I left the workshop, now a week or so later I feel very calm and collected with my thoughts and my outlook towards life has changed vastly. Kathy supplies you with incantations you can take away with you,

I would advise you to use them whenever you feel a bit low. Great workshop which I would have no hesitation in recommending.”

Ade Somerfield

I’m feeling good, im a lot more positive and happy with myself.

I tell myself every day I know I’m worth being heard.

Jane Perrins

Are you fed up of being unable to say what you want?
Do you always have to put others needs before your own?
Is it difficult for you to make decisions?
Do you fear speaking in groups?
Does the thought of going to an event fill you with dread?
Are you filled with shame? or self loathing
Want to have the courage to ask your boss for a pay rise?
Do you dream of starting your own business
Do you dream about having more friends?
Want to drop the need to be perfect?

Imagine how it would feel to

  • look forward to life
  • be able to grab all of the opportunities that life throws at you
  • to make new friends easily
  • to go to any social situation and not worry about being good enough
  • be confident in your looks and abilities
  • to confidently communicate your needs or wants

and to feel happy in your own skin




  • The reasons for your lack of confidence
  • How to connect with yourself in a healing, loving way
  • How to find the things that make you happy
  • Your true inner beauty
  • How to bring yourself into a state of calm to  face any situation
  • How to discover your limiting beliefs
  • How to discover your gifts and talents
  • How to know that you are good enough



  • An energy-clearing session to allow yourself to have happy and healthy relationships with yourself and others and how to restore faith in yourself.
  • Clarity of how to move forward
  • A sense of inner peace
  • powerful discovery and healing meditations

This amazing workshop will enable you to to greet the world confidently and know that you are enough

Please note that Kathy tailors the class based on the energy and needs of the group.

There will be a lot more than the content listed above and each workshop is different.

This workshop costs £70


All major debit and credit cards accepted
Please note that all payments are non-refundable