Freeing the Soul

Do you wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns in your life? Often the hardest patterns to break are from our past lives. The Freeing the Soul workshops are designed to dig deep to see where your patterns originate from and will show you how to release them. Full of empowering and self healing techniques so that you can continue your healing at home this

workshop is designed to enable you to move forward into the life you were born to live.


Are you ready to stop events from your past affecting your present?

Freeing The Soul is a limited space event to assist you in doing just this.
Led by Kathy Sanderson from Healing from Within and Kevin Paul Orchard from Powerfully Happy you will learn about

° the origins of your soul
° soul patterns and how they affect you
° how memories of the past influence and program you today
° Removing contracts or attachments from this life or past lives
° the power of letting go and forgiveness
° how to manifest your hearts desires

Within this intimate workshop of no more than 8 attendees, you will receive group and individual healings to assist in freeing you to live the life you were meant to lead.

Feedback from our previous workshop on 10th June 2018

“Fantastic healing day. My soul is now well onto its recovery path. Kevin and Kathy complement each other. They both have a different style but together produce a well grounded day. Venue has a peaceful and safe energy. Lots of techniques to continue at home. Thouroughly recommend this day. Thanks to you both for setting me free to be the best I can be. Xx” J.C.

“Hi Kevin, just want to say a massive thank you to both you and Kathy for teaching me so much in the workshop yesterday, never thought I would hug a tree but what an experience that was.” A.S

The beautiful Alvechurch countryside complements this complete soul and body healing workshop.

The cost of this all day healing event is £70

Please contact either Kathy or Kevin to book or click the link 


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