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To empower you to step out freely from your past into the life that you only ever thought was available to others

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Healing from Within was established to free people into a life of happiness, joy, love and peace through spiritual healing and therapy.
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My Story

The past is always there, influencing every action and experience today. So, what about those that have no demons in their past? Had a ‘good’ childhood, no trauma, no drama? I thought that was me.

I realised, in part by accident, that I’d created a false reality of my past and it was affecting the woman I was today. And so, my journey began.


Reiki was just the start – that day 4 years ago, I got a lot more than I bargained for! I went for me, but instinctively realised something was different here. I could feel and see things that felt unusual and I had to explore it.

My thirst for learning grew exponentially and my desire to understand far outweighed any fear of doing something different. I gained professional accreditation, read books, attended live events, trainings, the list is endless.

All of that led me to where I am now – a Inner Child Healer. The way this has changed my life is just a small part of the story. My focus is how to change the lives of the clients I work with. Every day I see shifts that transform a life for better and that’s why I’ll carry on doing this forever.
To be a part of improving lives is a gift I’m grateful for every single day.

Education is all about the things we can see. I’m not suggesting these aren’t good skills to learn. They are. But there is a BIG something missing.

What about the things we can’t see? Energy, human connection, intuitiveness? Why are we not taught the importance of these?

Why do so many of us end up going through years of counselling, struggling to break through issues we can’t understand?


I believe it’s because there is not enough focus on us, as human beings.
If we were taught as children, that you can trust in your instinct, you should focus on gratitude, it’s ok to love yourself, and that the Universe gives what you project into the world… Can you imagine how different our next generation would be?
The true path to happiness doesn’t lie in the things you can see. It lies in the things you can feel.
Helping yourself to live a happier life is the best gift you can give to YOU. The happier you are, the healthier your relationships are too. Here are some tips from me.
Give more than you expect to receive.
Having a giving attitude is something we need to see more of in the world. Too many just take, and then wonder why their relationships fail, or they feel stressed in their jobs, or they’re just not all that happy. When you focus on giving, you will notice your world shifting for the better.
Make kindness a priority, always.
Kindness to yourself, and kindness to all around you. Every day is a new day and you can change your path whenever you choose. Your past doesn’t need to dictate your future. You have no idea why people behave the way you do. Basic human kindness will always have the greatest impact, whether you can see that impact or not.
• Really think about your childhood.
Take some time to reflect on your relationships as you were growing up. Notice any memories that trigger emotion and commit to understanding them. Ask yourself if any of your behaviours today, mirror any of those from your childhood.
Don’t be hard on yourself and take these on board, one step at a time. The smallest changes will all help you move forward into the life you want to live.

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