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Stop thinking you are not good enough and JUST start your business!

26th – 28th July 2021

Can you imagine how it would feel know, everyday, that you are good enough and that you no longer doubt your skills, talents or abilities so that you can confidently start or sucessfully run your business?

Do you constantly doubt your abilities?

Do you feel like everyone around you does it better than you?

Is your lack of confidence really affecting you showing up for your business?

Just give me 20 minutes and I will show you how to approach your business with confidence and to put smash imposter syndrome.

You are here because you want to have the confidence to

  • Go LIVE on social media
  • Go to networking events
  • Tell everyone about you and how you can help them

Doesn’t this sound amazing?

During this FREE 3 day challenge, I will show you that it is possible to approach your business with the confidence that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and that you do KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING

  In this challenge I will show you how:


✅ To embrace all that is good about you

✅ To know that you do know enough to start or run your business

✅ To tell people confidently who you are and what you do

✅ Find the cause of what is holding you back in starting or being successful in your business in your childhood

✅ What it would really feel like to know you are good enough

✅ Techniques to use to free yourself from your past and smash imposter syndrome

Previous challenge feedback

“I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but I have decided to start a Instagram page for my spiritual readings today ? xxx”    Sarah Jane

“I’ve just started on day 1 today, the video in the morning made me cry with the realisation that it’s not me! And I’ve just watched the evening video and read the worksheet and I feel like a weight has been lifted already!”   Charlotte 

I’m Kathy Sanderson and I help women who lack the confidence to start their own business to break down their mindset blocks and limiting beliefs about themselves and others that often begin in childhood.

show them how to heal so they can drop their 9 – 5, show up confidently on social media to attract clients and make sales so that they can stop earning money for others and start earning it for themselves enabling them to establish a healthy work/life balance so they can start enjoying life again with their family and friends

In this challenge I will be showing you techniques that my clients use so that you they gain the confidence to start or show up in their business.

This is not me waving my magic wand!

You are required to do the work!

However if you put in the work and do the exercises you will see results.

Dont just take my word for it.

This is what past clients have to say about working with me. 

Like Hannah

and Tricia

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Join the FREE 3 Day Challenge Stop thinking you are not good enough and JUST start your business!