We made it

For the first time in earths history there are no predictions to our future. Can you imagine that? We are currently rewriting our own predicted history. 
We did not obliterate ourselves and the planet. World War 3 and complete Annihilation were averted and we now can look forward to building a future where we lead with compassion.
Do you understand what an amazing achievement this is for all of humanity? 
In the 3 golden ages that came before us, all spanning approximately 26,000 years this could not be achieved. Yet to all sense and purposes they were much more spiritually advanced times. Lemuria is said to be the time of love, Atlantis is described as a peaceful utopia and Egypt’s knowledge of the other-world and spirituality has surpassed our civilizations for eons. However what they all have in common was that they wiped themselves out through war and we haven’t.
World War 3 is not going to happen. Our corrupt banking and legal systems are at the point of collapse. People are waking up to who it is that is actually ruling countries and how all these wars do is make these people richer and more powerful still
Every person who awakens raises the vibration of the planet, which in turn awakens more people. Your vibration raises when you choose to no longer be angry, to no longer live in fear. It rises when you choose foods that heal your body rather than creating inflammation. 
People are questioning what they are told. They no longer just believe something because a big company tells them. Flashy advertising and celebrity endorsements no longer convince people. They choose to do their own research and make their own decisions.
Main stream media no longer has the control it used to. People are choosing to no longer watch, read or listen to the news. They prefer to find it out for themselves. Not watching all the negativity on the news stop our vibration being lowered as when you watch a news clip that makes you feel bad, it lowers your vibration. If you are watching a news clip that feels good, it is raises your vibration.
We are also realising that although we are constantly bombarded with how bad everything is, how unsafe it is, how cruel the world is it is actually the most safest time in history. The reason we are not told this is that happy people need less things. They no longer feel the need to buy the latest version of something or the latest fashion item. People who are happy and who feel safe are much less easy to control and manipulate. When you are happy you feel empowered and this helps others to feel empowered also.
So remember that we have achieved something that has never happened on earth before. Something that it was never thought that we could do. We have shifted our planets consciousness so much that we totally stopped the prediction of the destruction of planet Earth.
We are now in uncharted territory. There are no more predictions. This is our choice to make and we are going forward, forward into a loving and compassionate society where we are no longer just for the privileged few but we are a society that looks after everyone. Where war is but a horrific recorded history, and peace rules on earth. Where no one lives in fear and everyone is valued.
What an exciting time to be in. No wonder you jumped at the chance to be part of this and to implement it.


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