What to Expect

You’ve booked your healing session. So what should you expect to happen?

It will help me to connect to your energy if you drink plenty of water on the day of your session. Being correctly hydrated helps your energy to flow.

Come to the session with an open mind and wear comfortable clothes. If you are having an in person healing session you will be lying back and relaxing on a very comfortable therapist couch, so make sure you wear clothes you will feel comfortable in lying down. If we are on a video call make sure you have a quiet space to sit which will be free of interruptions and where you can relax.

When you first arrive if i haven’t already asked you to fill in a client questionnaire you will be given time to do this. This gives me a bit more information about you and covers the legal side of it.

We will then be asked to lie on the couch, again this is if you are having an in person healing session, and we will discuss the information you provided on the form. We will then use this information to set the intention for the healing session. This can be to work on a specific issue, or to heal a certain pain or it can be more general such as to feel happier in your life. You can also just leave it up to the universe and see what needs to be balanced or addressed.

We will then open up and connect to all the healing energies and the universal matrix’s to give us the best healing experience.

I will listen to your body’s energy as it tells me which negative belief systems are behind the problems you are experiencing now.

We will then find out the situation, event or occurrence that has created these belief systems and negative life patterns and we will then begin healing those using a variety of different methods from many different healing modalities.

During the session you may start to think about events that you haven’t though about for ages, or had totally forgotten about. You may start to feel hot or cold, or just in certain areas of your body. You may experience numbness or tingling or feel a gentle wave of energy go through you. You may become emotional or you may feel nothing at all. This healing experience is yours and is individual to you. We all experience things differently. Just trust that, whatever you did or didn’t feel, your body is healing.

During our session i will most probably mention affirmations that i am guided to for you to say everyday and repeat in situations. You will get the best results from saying these affirmations for at least 21 days. My clients who get the best results from their healing sessions are the ones who say their affirmations. These help to train our thoughts and beliefs positively so that we can react positively to all situations.

After your session you will receive a sheet with your affirmations on and also the negative life patterns and beliefs that we were working on. This sheet will also have information for aftercare from your healing session.

Terms of Payment:

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For an all inclusive one to one healing session either face to face or through video call

Soul Realignment

Home or work space clearance


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There will be no refunds for cancellations or reschedules of services if made within 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Sessions are taken at your own risk and Healing From Within is not responsible for your reaction to the various modalities of energy healing during the healing session.

  • Payment must be received to reserve your session if booking online
  • Please note a session cannot take place until payment is made
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Healing From Within is not responsible for any possible mistakes or problems with bank transfers, Paypal or video calls and internet connections


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