Womens Healing Retreat

Women Healing with the Earth Weekend Retreat

Womens Healing Retreat
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Womens Healing Retreat

Nestled in the Carmarthenshire mountains, this healing retreat especially for women looking to reconnect with themselves and discover their inner power, provides you with healing, sisterhood, connection and rebirth in nature.

Set in our beautiful land in Llanelli, Wales we are blessed to be able to provide the perfect setting for you to connect and heal with the Earth at our Womens Healing Retreat.

We have forgotten about our connection to the earth. This connection is so important, yet they taught us nothing about it in school. We come from earth and we return to the earth. Inbetween we are still earth.

The earth has always been essential to our survival and for millennia we were aware of our connection to the heavens and earth and celebrated, honoured and respected this connection.
Now we live in brick built houses or concrete structures. We walk on concrete paths in shoes, drive about everywhere on more concrete roads and are more disconnected than ever.
This disconnection stresses your system and creates stress and anxiety. Over time, it takes its toll on your mental and physical health too. Without a connection with the Earth, you don’t get that incredible sense of supportive calm and well-being that happens naturally when we connect to the earth.
This Womens Healing Retreat in Wales provides a complete healing experience from inner child healing and womb healing to connection from kundalini yoga and shamanic inner dance to rediscovering your sensual side and pampering.
Join us for the Women Healing with the Earth Weekend Retreat on 28th -30th July 2023 and learn how to reconnect with the Earth once more.
The Earth is an electromagnetic being – and so are we! We are of the same stuff. Not surprisingly, when we connect with nature, our energetic frequency begins to oscillate at the same frequency as the Earth. We attune to its heartbeat, its breath and it holds us.

Come and join other like-minded women at our Womens Healing Retreat as we come together in sisterhood to create friendships and empower each other to bring acceptance of self into our lives.

We provide everything you will need in our spacious Bell Tents. single beds, all bedding, drawers, rugs etc or if you dont want to camp we have accommodation in our bunkhouses. Your meals and snacks are all provided too.

All you need to bring is yourself.

Friday 28th – Sunday 30th July 2023

Join us as we come together to heal and relax in the beautiful Llanelli countryside for this magical womens healing retreat.


The world is crying out for healing on all levels.
The amount of suffering we are seeing in both our own lands and others is heart breaking.
Within the Womens Healing with the Earth Glamping Weekend you will participate in a group meditation to not only remove stored trauma from your own energy field but also from the land itself.
You will also experience
? sacred circle work
?  heart awakening workshop connecting to the power of the earth
? healing childhood experiences and trauma so you can feel that deep connection with the earth.
????kundalini yoga session to you spiritually to heaven and earth
????Self care with Skin care interactive workshop so when you’ve learn its ok to take time yourself you will know just how to pamper yourself too.
This is an all weekend experience where you will also have time to practice your reconnection in the woodlands as well as time to relax and just absorb all of the magical energy around you.
This weekend is for women who wish to connect to the healing power of the earth and awaken their inner goddess so that they feel held and supported and able to stand in their own power.
Women hugging a tree

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What you will experience at the Womens Healing with the Earth Retreat

Heart Awakening Workshop

Sex & Relationship coach & best selling Author,, Serena Novelli, will lead a Heart Awakening Workshop,
Using breathwork, somatic healing, meditation and sound this Heart Awakening Workshopwill take you on a journey to deeper self love to support integration with your emotions.
Serena’s work combines modern Neurobiology & a blend of ancient and powerful Tantric healings creating the Vital and integrated tantric approach to sacred sexuality. Get ready to unleash your sexual power to the Universe.
This workshop will enable you to:
  • reconnect to the power of your emotions,
  • understand your darkness,
  • Revel in your joy.
Feeling is a way to find and remember yourself all over again.
This workshop will support you to:
  • release emotional stress cycles that you have suppressed and been stuck in for years.
  • Feel liberated and free
  • step into your true authentic power

We will finish with a breast massage to deepen your connection and heal any underlying conditions.

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Heal your Parental Wounds

Whilst we know that we should be able to trust and surrender to the universe actually doing this can be hard when we have never known how it feels to be supported to be ourselves or to trust those around us.

This workshop will help you to understand why you still find it hard to trust and open up to source energy and allow into your life all of the amazing gifts being able to open up and surrender brings you.

You will learn how:

  • Your childhood experiences are stopping you in so may ways from being empowered
  • To finally release and let go of the hurt and resentment of your childhood
  • it feels to be loved unconditionally and supported

so that you can finally relax and allow the earth to hold and support you so you can create all that you want in your life.

Kathy Sanderson is a Spiritual Trauma Healer and Mindset Coach. She has trained in many healing modalities including ThetaHealing, Soul Realignment, Forensic Healing and Inner Child Healing. She is a Light Language Practitioner and Sound Healer. Kathy helps people who have experienced multiple traumatic experiences in their life to find their inner peace and joy by reconnecting with and healing their inner child. This enables them to handle life no matter what it throws at them.

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Inner Dance

“Removing conditioning, the ego and trauma can be fulfilling and filled with love! Working with infinite possibilities to surrender to ourselves. Everyone’s expression of movement will be different – we speak and open to our inner self what we need to heal, learn and dream. Who am I? What am I? What was I before I came to existence?”
The purpose of this potent experience is to connect you with a deeper sense of meaning on your personal soul journey, to develop your inner dance facilitation and dynamically align you towards what is alive within you at this moment seeking expression.
Inner Dance is an internal movement meditation facilitated by sound, touch and intuitive words.

Participants are invited to join a state of trust and surrender, leading to a healing and often shamanic type journey that connects the mind, body and soul in unity as sacred geometry.
This is an inner adventure composed of natural movements, awareness, emotional release and insights. We start by comfortably lying down with eyes closed. The frequencies of the music being played guide the brain through various brainwave states, including those associated with lucid dreaming and deep theta healing. This leads participants into an expanded state of consciousness.

When the energy starts to flow magic can happen! We travel deeply in trust and surrender in our personal and sometimes collective healing process’. Spontaneous movements emerge from within as we enter morphic resonance, receiving insights alongside laughing, crying, dancing, trancing. This is an authentic dialogue with our true self where we can dynamically choose who we become from this moment now.

This Inner Dance workshop will be led by Hayley Beasley-Wade and Kathryn from Pheonix Wellness

alter set up with candles and crystals

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Self Care with Skin Care 

In this workshop you’ll learn some simple skincare techniques that you can use daily or weekly to boost your skin! 

Did you know that just a few minutes a day or a couple of times a week, a facial massage will have great results! A facial massage stimulates, rejuvenates and can help to tighten the skin and underlying muscles along with reducing lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the massage promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing the supply of nutrients to the cells.

During this workshop each lady will experience a full facial and will receive specific products depending on skin type. 

 All products and equipment will be provided for the workshop so get ready to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy this time together ???????? 

I’m a huge believer that skincare is an important part of our daily & weekly self care routine and it’s a great way to start and end the day with self care for yourself ????????‍♀️ 

 As women we really hold the energy for the family and the community around us so it’s so important for us to take this time to refill our own cup and spend this time together ????????


Rachel Leigh-Janney

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See what others have to say about the Women Healing with the Earth Glamping Weekend Retreat

Just finished the Womens Healing with the Earth Glamping Weekend. It was AMAZING! Thank you so much to Kathy Sanderson for organising, and for your incredible work shops , and also Liz Carreira and Serena Novelli. Your workshops were AMAZING too! I have learnt so much and cleared away a load of crap!! Definately feeling much lighter, calmer and decisive!! Sending loads of love to you all! ????????

K McCrann

A wonderful last day was had in Wales, the sun was glorious and warmed my soul. Some final healing workshops and now we’re 1/3 of the way home and looking forward to the next time we get to appreciate the beauty of Kathy’s land ????

Met some truly beautiful souls this weekend and am leaving Wales a changed person xx

L Todd

What a weekend with these beautiful human beings in the the magical land of @pentredolauescapes. Connecting with the earth, healing trauma and experiencing a magical journey. One I won’t forget in a hurry ❤️???????????????? ????

L Kirk


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