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6 Week Intensive Programme

This enables you to see results fast.

In 6 weekly sessions we will look at what it is that is holding you back and which situation in your past created this limiting belief about yourself and others.

We will look at your self-sabotaging behaviors and why they occur.

I will guide you back to that time enabling you to see for yourself how that experience or trauma is still affecting you now and I will show you how to heal that experience so that you feel, loved, wanted, safe and empowered all through the experience and thus will feel loved, wanted, safe and empowered now.

You will be given ‘homework’ to do between session that will enable you to break these cycles of self-abuse and fear.

To show you how these behaviors and beliefs play our in your life and how to become aware of them and how to stop them.

I am also available my email support for any questions that may arise between sessions.

At the end of the program you will have become aware of how your beliefs in childhood were holding you back and will have self serving positive beliefs about yourself and the world to enable you to move forward in both your business and your life, exactly how YOU want to.

You will finally feel FREE

Workshops are held in our healing lodge in Birmingham, West Midlands UK.

Refreshments and parking is provided.

Workshops will be tailored to the needs of the participants on the day, so were are mindful of what you need to heal and do our best to accommodate everyone who attends. Here are some testimonials of previous attendees of our workshops. 

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Freeing the Unloved Child

Sunday 5th April – 10am to 4pm 
Sunday 7th June – 10am to 4pm

Get Confident 2020

Sunday March 8th 2020 – 10am to 4pm

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I offer online courses which will enable you to take self directed study to be able to identify your beliefs created in childhood and the situations that created them. You will also learn how to rediscover and reconnect with yourself as a child and how to support them by giving them what they needed at that time.

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